Patient Information

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Background Information

  • Callosities refer to toughening and discolouration of the skin due to excessive pressure or repetitive contact with rough surfaces.
  • Common causes include; oincreased pressure due to foot deformity.
    • Poor fitting shoes.
    • High heels.
    • Failure to wear socks.
  • Patients typically complain of the cosmetic deformity with occasional super-imposed infection (fungal) +/- pain.

Investigation Guidelines

  • Diagnosis is clinical.

Management Recommendations

  • Treatment is focussed on treating the cause and preventing complications.
    • Scrubbing with a pumice stone after warm water soaking.
    • Well-fitting footwear.
    • Orthotics.
    • Moisturise dry skin.
  • Referral indications.
    • Diagnostic uncertainty.
    • Significant infection (A&E).

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