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Up-to Date COVID-19 Patient Information

I will be performing telephone, video and face to face consultations according to clinical need to your wishes.
Virtual consultations are being run via telephone and zoom. Details will be sent when you book an appointment.
After any typee consultation I will provide a clinic letter to you and your GP as standard practice with face-to-face clinics.
For insured patients, please ensure you have pre-authorisation from your employer prior to your appointment.

Bookings can be made as normal. Please click the ‘Book Appointment’ tab above

Access to investigations such as xray, MRI and CT scans is slightly reduced but I am working with providers to enable timely and safe, social distanced scans.

Elective surgery is resuming across the UK. If you need elective surgery for your condition we can still discuss these options with you and it can be provided after discussion of risk. You will need to have a negative COVID-19 swab prior to your surgery.

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